7 Reasons Why Cricket Protein Is Good For Your Dog

Dogs have been digging up and snacking on bugs for centuries. Probably mostly because it was a fun game of chase for them, but also because of the health boost the natural nutritional powerhouse gave them.

 Here are 7 reasons why cricket protein is great for your dog:

  1. It has 3.8x the protein of beef
    Protein is what your dog needs to function. It’s the building blocks of all cells from hair to hormones so the more clean protein in your dog’s diet, the merrier.

  2. It has more iron than spinach
    Iron is a mineral that is required by your dog's body for growth and development.

  3. It has more calcium than milk
    Strong teeth and bones, anyone?

  4. It’s gentle on the stomach
    Cricket is packed with chitin which is great for digestion and is gentle on even the most sensitive of tum tums.

  5. It’s high in omega-3s
    Omega-3s are what your dog needs for a healthy coat and skin.

  6. It’s a prebiotic
    Happy stomach bacteria means a happy dog (and a happy you when your pup’s do-dos aren’t runny)!

  7. It’s planet-friendly
    Cricket raising requires FAR less resources than cattle grazing, pig or chicken farming. For example, cattle require 47x the land crickets do AND cattle emit 25x the greenhouse emissions crickets do. Yikes!

So, do your doggo (and your planet) a favour and get stuck into cricket protein! We’ve got two natural, plant-based dog snack varieties to get you started: Organic Cricket with Roasted Pumpkin & Almonds and Organic Cricket with Hemp & Camomile.

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