Myth BUSTED: Dogs Need a Meat Diet

There is a misconception that dogs are carnivores - ie. they need meat to survive. Let us clear that up for you.


You may be surprised to read that dogs are actually omnivores. “What’s an omnivore?” we hear you ask. Well, like their two-legged friends (us), it means dogs eat a variety of foods. The specific foods they eat don’t matter so much, it’s that they’re getting the right nutrients that is key.

Can a dog be vegetarian?
Yes! Dogs can eat a vegetarian diet and thrive. Dogs can get all the amino acids they need from plants and alternative protein sources while avoiding meat.

If my dog doesn’t eat meat, where will its protein come from?
Protein is found in lots of natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, legumes, and our personal fave, bugs. Did you know that cricket protein actually has 3.8x the protein of meat?! Wowzers. 

All TBH natural, plant-based dog snacks are packed full of the nutrients dogs need, including the 10 essential amino acids found in meat.

Always consult with your vet before you make any major changes to your dog’s diet.

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  • Cricket protein is as the same as beef protein plus or minus… depends on its diet…

    You should benchmark those protein level in same dry matter. Not dry matter vs fresh


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