What’s the go with insect protein for pets?

Whilst insect protein is still a fairly new concept in Australia, it’s been edging its way into conversations around the globe for years.

In fact, back in 2019, the British Veterinary Association came out in support of insect protein for pets. “Due to the smaller environmental footprint, use of fewer resources, space and production of high-quality protein, insect farming is increasingly seen as a viable source of protein for pet food.

The growing interest in insect protein for pets (and humans) centres on sustainability and the environmental impact of animal farming. However, it’s becoming apparent that insect protein isn’t just environmentally friendlier than traditional pet food; it might actually be healthier too.

Good for the planet

Here are a few reasons why insect protein is a smart choice when it comes to sustainable pet food:

  • Compared to beef, insect-based food uses less land and water to produce

  • No fertilisers or pesticides are required for insects, 

  • Almost no greenhouse gas emissions

  • The humanisation of pets is seeing more owners feeding their animals high-grade meat, putting pressure on the human food chain as populations grow

The emerging health benefits of insect protein for pets

Due to the novel protein structure of insects, like cricket, insects are good for pooches diagnosed with food intolerance or allergies. They also have high levels of healthy fats, oils, minerals and vitamins. Cricket powder provides three times more iron, five times more magnesium and 3.8 times the protein of beef!

So not only does the production and farming of insects reduce the pressure on our oceans and livestock, it can effectively meet the nutritional needs of our pets.

Insect protein: in summary

  • Insect protein places far less pressure on the environment than traditional pet food

  • Insect protein is a more sustainable source of protein compared to meat

  • Eating insects is much closer to an animal’s traditional diet

  • Great for pet gut health

  • Insects are rich in nutrients, minerals and amino acids

  • There is no animal suffering in the creation of insect protein

  • Substituting part of a pet’s diet with insect protein is a good way to transition and do your bit for the environment

Ready for your pup to try insect protein? We’ve got two tasty treat varieties to get you started: Organic Cricket with Roasted Pumpkin & Almonds and Organic Cricket with Hemp & Camomile.

Always consult with your vet before you make any major changes to your dog’s diet.

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