Where our organic crickets come from and the ethical process behind them

When finding a cricket supplier for our natural, plant-based dog snacks, it was imperative that the crickets were not only premium quality, but that the farming process was honest and ethical like us. So, after much research, we found the perfect partner: Entomo Farms, a USDA certified organic cricket farm in Canada.

What makes TBH cricket organic

The lovely life of crickets

Entomo raises the crickets from egg to maturity in their world class facility in Ontario. They have adopted a “free range” approach to farming, which means once the crickets have hatched, they can freely roam around their purpose-built “cricket condos”, with unlimited access to food and water.

Fun fact: Crickets are similar to cats in that they prefer to be up high and in enclosed spaces. Who knew?

The crickets spend five to six weeks hanging out in their condos, eating, drinking and hanging out until they naturally come to the end of their lifecycle. It’s at this point they’re harvested. No crickets are prematurely killed for the purposes of our snacks, they essentially die of old age.

The harvesting process

As the crickets start to die off, they receive a blast of CO2 to peacefully and humanely put them to sleep. They’re then roasted and ground into a fine powder and sent to us here in Australia to be added to our other nutrient-rich ingredients and slow-baked in our human bakery.

Want more information about our crickets? Entomo Farms, the cricket experts, have a tonne of helpful info on their website for you.

Oh! And what makes TBH crickets organic, we hear you ask? The cricket in our Organic Cricket with Roasted Pumpkin & Almonds and Organic Cricket with Hemp & Camomile snacks are fed certified organic feed. Goodness in, goodness out.

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