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Protein is where it’s at 

Where are our products manufactured?

TBH products are 100% small-batch made with 'honest love' right here in Australia.

Are TBH Dog Treats made in a Pet Facility?

D-og no! All TBH treats are made using Australian grown, plant-based ingredients and baked in a real human HACCP certified bakery, just the way you two-legged folks like it.
Deliciousness guaranteed. 

Does my Pooch need to eat meat?

Dogs are omnivores like their two-legged friends, they need a balanced diet. Luckily, TBH treats are packed full of all 'Ten Essential Amino Acids' - providing the same protein as Meat.

What's all the fuss about Crickets?

Dogs are already in on the cricket protein secret. Crickets provide all 'Ten Essential Amino Acids' and are super tasty. Crickets are also awesomely good for the environment.

We only use the best USDA Certified Organic Crickets from Entomo Farms (you can't get these in Aus.) to make our dog treats. Did you see our video? 

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Hemp is trendy for humans, but why is it good for dogs?

Hemp is a superfood protein that is great for dogs and contains all 'Ten Essential Amino Acids', OMEGA-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids and is high in fibre. Wow, where do we stop?
By the way, we only use the best human grade hemp we can find to make our delicious dog treats. 

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Is Hemp safe for my pet?

Hemp is safe (and legal) and naturally low in THC - below 1% from the flower in the field and 0.05% in the final product - the real benefits of Hemp remain fully intact.

Are TBH ingredients organic?

Awesome question. Wherever possible, yes.

Are TBH Treats Vegan?

We have vegan dog treats (without Cricket for the purists) and also with cricket for those on the 'hop' for added protein.

What insects does TBH use in its products?

Our products include only organically certified HACCP grade crickets in our delicious recipes.

What makes your crickets organic?

What our cricket farmers feed them! The crickets we use are fed organic vegetables and grains.

do you use whole crickets, or...?

Whilst we use every part of the cricket, they are first gently ground so you won't see any bits of cricket in our treats if that's what you mean.

Once the crickets naturally die after their 6-week lifespan, they are roasted and ground into a powder to slow bake with our other tasty ingredients right here in Australia.

can tBh treats help with my dog's stools?

Our plant-based treats will keep your doggo's do-dos not too runny and not too dry.

can my cat eat tbh treats?

Whilst your cat can absolutely eat our treats, all of our rigorous taste-testing was done with dogs so that's why we promote them for pooches.

Does TBH make Main Meals?

Keep 'tugging' that lead of yours. It's coming soon!

What else does TBH have planned?

Plenty - TBH is a Holistic Pet Revolution, so we ain't stopping with food!
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