7 reasons why insect protein is better than meat protein

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of insect protein. Here are a bunch of reasons why.



Insect Protein for Dogs


  1. Insects require less land and water to farm than traditional livestock.
  2. Insects produce less greenhouse gases and ammonia than traditional livestock.
  3. Insects can be fed on organic waste, reducing the need for additional food sources.
  4. Insects are a highly efficient source of protein, with some species converting up to 2 times more of their food into protein than cows.
  5. Insects are rich in essential nutrients such as iron and zinc.
  6. Insects are a more sustainable source of protein as they have a faster growth rate and reproductive cycle than traditional livestock.
  7. Insects are a good alternative source of protein for pets (and people!) with certain dietary restrictions such as food allergies.

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