Let’s be honest.

Us dogs are like people–but better. We can’t
talk back. We give the best hugs. And we
love, love, LOVE treats with zero meat!

Superfood Protein

TBH, our #1 natural, superfood ingredient is healthy yeast. A complete protein with all 10 amino acids: just like meat, without any of the nasties. It’s BIG on taste and pumps out all the protein your dog needs, plus dietary fibre too (sorry meat). TBH dog snacks are made in Australia from plant-based ingredients––actual human ones. That means only the best superior-grade organically farmed Ananda hemp in our dog food (it’s world-class woof).

Tasty Organic Crickets

Even our crickets are hand-raised by Entomo Farms (you simply can't find better!) under the strictest USDA organic guidelines. Did you know that cricket is a complete protein? With all 10 essential amino acids, it’s almost 70% protein. More calcium than milk, more iron than spinach and nearly 20 times more B12 than beef.

It's nutritious and healthy bug protein, dog. 

THE Planet D-og

When you’ve got four pawprints, treating the planet with respect and love is everything. We believe in holistic health for all our pets, dog.

Right now, about one FIFTH of the world’s meat goes to pets. WHAAAAT! You read that right. It’s not sustainable. Zero meat means WAY less water is wasted and heaps more land being returned to Mother Nature.

That’s why all our vego & vegan ingredients can be found in your backyard.

TBH, we’ll never eat anything we can’t catch.

Join the Revolution, D-og

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