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TBH is a global leader in plant and insect protein pet nutrition. We believe that treating our planet with respect and love is everything, regardless of whether you have two footprints or four pawprints.

Most of the attention is on humans to save the planet, but sadly, our beloved pets are also a major contributor to the environmental issues facing our world today. Every year around the world some 70 billion land animals are killed for pet food, around one third of all water consumed is by farm animals and over one fifth of meat-based protein goes into pet food. And this is just the start. It’s honestly not sustainable.

Imagine what could be achieved if both humans and pets were aligned ethically for the good of the planet. It’s more than possible.

A happy and healthy pet is not dependant on a daily diet of meat-based protein, but a diet loaded with tasty fruit, nourishing vegetables and protein-packed insects. More than ever our pets can thrive eating plant-based and insect foods that deliver nutritionally sound complete nutrition.

Nourishment through the abundance of Mother Nature can truly make a world of difference. It really is all that your pet needs for a healthy life, despite emotionally challenging our deeply entrenched preconceptions. It’s great to know that we can both now march to the same beat and tread lightly on our precious earth.

The movement to renew the planet has just begun so let’s walk together, humans and pets, for us both to enjoy a healthier and better world. Join the Movement where people and pets unite for the good of the world.

TBH treats are consciously baked for
tail-wagging pawfection. No nasties, just purely tasty.

Join the Revolution, D-og

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