Nutritional yeast, your dog's new best friend

Superfood protein is where it’s at and, heads up, your dog’s new fave is nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is a complete protein with all 10 essential amino acids, just like meat, but without any of the fats, sugars, sodium and added preservatives.

Nutritional yeast pumps out all the protein, B vitamins and fibre your dog needs.

Nutritional yeast is also BIG on taste (some liken it to a cheese flavour), which is why your pooch will love it. It’s also why dogs find our treats so tasty without the flavour enhancers ‘Big Pet’ uses.

We use the highest quality nutritional yeast in our treats range.

Side note: Nutritional yeast is not the same kind of yeast used in bread. That kind of yeast is actually quite dangerous for dogs so keep them clear of it.

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